food styling




chevre and nasturtium

ditte isager, MSL

an aged goat cheese button with raw chioggia beet saladBuvette Cookbook

 grand aioli, MSL gentl and hyers

grand aioli, MSL  gentl and hyers

Buvette Cookbook
eggs, morels, cream

 rhubarb fool

the beauty is in the ingredients

+130716_Food_TEST 2536
hushpuppies and tabasco, MS American Food Romulo Yanes

tapas with fino martini, MSL con poulos

mushroom risotto

Buvette cookbook


Photo by Romulo Yanes

CREDIT: Justin Walker for The Wall Street Journal WSJ Photo Assignment # 24513 with Slug "PANTELLERIA and SFFERICKSON"

Photo by Marcus Nilsson

photo by Johnny Miller

Arroz con Pollo

 roast chicken salad26791_RL_Steak-0261
SD106253HEDturtles03breakfast tray, MSL johnny miller

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